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About a year and a half ago, I bought a Tivoli PAL Radio. It’s a great little speaker for use with your iPod/iPhone. It’ll run from AC, but also has an integrated battery that will run for about 20 hours of music. It’s a single speaker (thus, mono), but manages to deliver shockingly good sound. I’m a big fan of the product. I’ve had it connected to my Mac Book Pro so that I could listen to music at the computer.

But a couple of weeks ago, I started craving a higher quality of sound. And I started fondly remembering a pair of speakers I owned many moons ago, a pair of Bose Roommate speakers. Fairly small, powered speakers, with pretty darn good sound quality and volume for the size. Quality that far exceeded what I could find in computer speakers today.

Sadly, Bose stopped making that line of speakers some time ago. I started cruising eBay, and there seemed to be a steady supply of these speakers on auction. I watched a few to get an idea of the price range. After a week of that, I saw a pair with a low starting bid and watched the auction progress. In the last couple of hours, I put in my bid and anxiously watched it play out. With 10 seconds remaining, someone outbid me! Dammit.

I moped and fumed, and eventually had a fit of inspiration. I returned to eBay and searched for “Bose Roomate”. Note the intentional mispelling. 🙂 Sure enough, there was a single pair of speakers for sale under that title, with very few people watching the auction. I managed to win the auction at a price comfortably below the previous sale. Yesterday the speakers arrived, and today I finally hooked them up. Wow! I forgot how good “real” speakers could sound!

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