Growing gills

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If you grew up with a passion for comic books and dreams of flying…

If you were a science fiction kid with fantasies of alien planets and otherworldly landscapes…

If you imagined being an astronaut and turning somersaults in zero gravity…

… then I cannot encourage you strongly enough to check out scuba diving! Hovering at a depth of 60 feet in front of a massive reef wall, watching fish of every color, eels sinuously writhing in and out of the landscape, crabs, lobster, sea turtles, feather dusters, orange barrel sponges big enough to swim into, vase coral with brittle stars hiding inside it, rainbow parrotfish in shimmering pastel colors. I’ve done seven dives in four days, and already have two more dives scheduled for today.

My only regret is that I don’t have a camera that is up to the task. I borrowed a friend’s disposable underwater camera that is rated for 60 feet, but I might have pushed that rating a little, as the case had traces of water in it when I surfaced. We’ll see if any of the pictures came out. When I get home, it will be time to start shopping for a camera solution.

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