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This morning in tutoring, I was twice asked to help with a Physics word problem, as follows:

Bored, a boy fires a pellet gun at a 120 g block of cheese that rests on a larger block of ice. The pellet has a mass of 1.2 grams and the gun has a muzzle velocity of 60 m/s. The pellet wedges in the block of cheese, and causes it to slide 2.5 cm before it comes to rest. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction between the cheese and the ice.

First of all, I think every physics word problem should start with “Bored, “. For instance:
“Bored, a 50 kg woman bungee jumps off a bridge 310 meters above …”
“Bored, a man fires a rocket at an angle of …”
“Bored, a scientist fires a particle beam at …”

But beyond that, what the hell was the textbook author smoking? A pellet gun, fired at a block of cheese? Which happens to be conveniently resting on a block of ice? I’m dying to see the rest of the physics problems this guy devised whilst tripping.

Bored, an author fires a pistol at a drinking glass balanced on the head of his wife. If the author had injected two grains of morphine 15 minutes before the shooting, calculate how many months he will have to spend in exile in Mexico.

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