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The Green Menace

I found this site a couple of days ago; it’s scraping streetview data to show the urban decay of various properties in Detroit over the past several years. http://goobingdetroit.tumblr.com/ I’ve… Read more »

Last night, S and B and I were up at Last Thursday, a monthly street fair in NE Portland. We ran into an acquaintance of S. The acquaintance introduced us… Read more »

Path Pwned

Last Summer, when I was biking all over town with one of my frequent riding companions, there was periodic friction over the topic of bike routes. The aforementioned pal is… Read more »

House update

The great housing adventure of 2010 continues unabated. The property I mentioned a few blog posts ago is still there, still available. I’ve been inside the place, with Contractor Dan…. Read more »