Happy Ether!

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Last night I helped stuff plastic eggs with glow sticks and hid them for a nighttime Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt in Laurelhurst Park, hosted by Taj.

As I was hiding the eggs, a couple came walking down a footpath about twenty feet away. One of them called out in a dubious tone, “Are you… are you hiding glowing eggs for a nighttime Easter egg hunt?”

I paused before answering with a hesitant rising inflection, “… no?”

She laughed, “Yeah, I guess the glowing eggs should have been a full clue.”

I told them, “If you want to join in, I think they are just getting started over at the bathhouse.” And then followed up with, “That sounded dirtier than I intended. Ooops.”

After I had left and the hunters had found all (we hope all) of the eggs, Taj snuck into my backyard and hid the eggs all over the yard and deck. The view from the hottub at midnight was pretty epic.

My life does not suck.

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