The work grind

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The project in which I’m mired at work is in those final stages, where we were supposed to be done two weeks ago, but instead we’re probably two weeks away, everyone is exhausted, burned out and frustrated. The prospect of another two weeks of this, or more, is daunting. My back hurts, I’m tired, and I’m going through major insomnia. I’m desperate for something new, but I’m so exhausted evenings and weekends that I can’t seem to get out and find something to recharge my batteries. Ugh.

This too shall pass. I’m planning a major road trip the second we wrap this project up. My current thoughts are to wind my way up Highway 1 through Eureka, into Oregon to visit some friends in Portland. depending on the timing, I might even continue northward through Seattle and spend some time in Vancouver BC. When it comes time to return, I think I would do that the inland route, driving through Bend and around Crater Lake, and maybe drive through Tahoe and Yosemite. Two or three weeks out of the Silicon Valley, away from an office chair and getting some sunlight and unfiltered air will do me a world of good. And it can’t come a minute too soon.

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