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Saturday night was the Barfly Strip-O-Rama bus tour! We had the requisite bachelorette party, several couples, and a couple of slightly creepy stag guys. We piled onto a city school bus and hopped from club to club, stopping for 30 minutes at a time. Devil’s Point is maybe worth visiting again, and I’m curious about the “hot tub stage” at Safari, but there were several destinations I wouldn’t be in a rush to revisit.

My favorite moment came as we were re-boarding the bus to head to the next show. The guy in front of me asked the driver “Is this a real school bus? During weekdays, are you driving a bunch of kids around?” The driver grinned hugely and said, “Yeah!”

The bus riders got more rambunctious as the evening progressed, including random hookups between strangers, lots of (amateur) tit flashing, a joint carefully carried down the aisle and shared with those who were interested. And drinking. Oh my was there some drinking. By midnight, one person was too drunk to get off the bus at the latest club, another person was being carried from location to location, and another was sleeping flat on his back in the bicycle lane of SE Stark Avenue. After helping pull the guy from the street and carefully considering how little I wanted to be on a confined bus when the inevitable vomiting began, I decided to hail a cab.

I’d do it again, but I might also bail early again. 🙂

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