Idaho camping, day 4

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As morning came, we said goodbye to the Deadwood campground and got on the road. I stopped to take a picture of this daisy/sunflower looking weed that seems to grow on the roadside everywhere we went in Idaho. It should definitely be the state flower. Or maybe the state weed. And yes, the haze in the background of that photo is from forest fire smoke in the area.

We left Deadwood and returned west to Banks, where we started northwards on route 55. The web had reported the fires mostly contained but we saw fire crews on the road and some of the routes to hot springs were closed by fires. We ventured near one commercial “hot spring” place and then remembered why we hate them and continued onward, winding through the forest towards Hells Canyon. It’s deeper than the Grand Canyon, but the drive along the river was less inspiring than I’d hoped, and there was not a bit of relief from the intense sun. We decided to come into Oregon and entered the Wallowa-Whitman national forest. After some exploring along the Imnaha river, we found a nice campsite with water access and were delighted to read different regulations here than in the Idaho forests: campfires allowed! With relief we relaxed into the evening. One match!

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