Spring has thrown up all over my lawn!

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Winter be damned; Spring has hit my yard with a vengeance! Here is today’s set of flowers, blooms and blossoms.

The canopy of cherry blossoms from the trees in the front yard.

Tulips in the front yard.

I almost prefer the look of tulips before the flower opens. The head and lips remind me of Audrey Jr from Little Shop of Horrors.

Red tulips.

Grape hyacinth. I have a little patch of this in the corner of the yard, but this Spring has revealed several volunteer patches that have scattered about. I cannot bring myself to mow them.

Daffodils, again, entirely volunteer.

Blooms from the little cherry tree in the back yard.

Blossoms on the pear tree.

The tulip magnolia in the back yard.

The same tulip magnolia, shot from under the canopy. I love how the blooms look like pinkish-purple pigeons perched in the tree.

And of course, dandelions. I try to limit their numbers, but I’m not sure I’m making much of an impact.

5 thoughts on “Spring has thrown up all over my lawn!

  1. schmimi

    Grape hyacinth, huh? I’ve been wondering what that is. I never saw it before I moved here, and now I see it everywhere.

    Your magnolia is beatiful. Most of the ones in our neighborhood have already dropped most of their blossoms.


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