Scaring the horses

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Long ago, I picked up the habit of shopping for kitchen wares at restaurant supply houses, rather than the usual department stores (Target,Fred Meyer or K-mart, etc) or specialty stores (Williams Sonoma, Sur Le Table). The selection is larger, the prices better, and you know you’ll get equipment that will stand up to long years of abuse.

So it wasn’t a surprise that my search for a bread peel took me to my local restaurant supply store, a place that happens to specialize in gear for asian restaurants. When I entered the store, an older Asian gentleman approached, “You need help finding something?” I quickly said, “Not just yet, thank you”, and proceeded to roam the aisles. Even when I know what I’m looking for, I still like to wander around a bit first, like a kid in a toy store, examining all the familiar gear and pondering the uses of some of the more exotic items. I finally found the stash of bread peels, and fretted again about the “wood vs metal” question. After looking them over, I settled on a wooden peel and headed to the counter.

The same man was at the register, and smiled at my selection. “Is this for your home, or a restaurant?” “My home,” I replied. “Ahh. You make pizza with it?”

And I swear, I don’t know what possessed me.

“No, it’s for spanking.”

His eyes got large, but his smile only dimmed the slightest amount. I paid and left, feeling overly happy with myself.

4 thoughts on “Scaring the horses

  1. sorceress_jade

    Bwahahahaha! I love it.

    Heck, I never knew they were called bread peels. I actually have one of these on my ‘to buy’ list right now, only I’ve been calling it a pizza paddle. I guess it’s for spanking pizzas.


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