11 thoughts on “Not your mom’s “pigs in a blanket”

    1. browse Post author

      I’m mostly new to the area, and so was surfing for PDX folk with Interests that seemed to overlap mine. I’ll leave it to your imagination which particular interests caught my eye. 🙂

      Thanks for asking!

      1. _rabidwombat_

        That was a very slippery response, Mister! 😉

        Welcome to my journal! I’m a wee bit crazy, a whole lot openminded, and I’ll talk about anything. So as long as you’re okay with that, then I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

        1. browse Post author

          Send me an email address, and I’ll be less cryptic. But, in a mostly public forum, I can be a bit reserved. 🙂 (Mine is browse at badexample dot org, if that helps).

          Your description of your blog suits me just fine! I’m looking forward to keeping up with it.

  1. superflashgo

    Oh man that looks AWESOME!

    I visited Dateland with Rawdogue last year on my way from Phoenix AZ to San Diego for the Comic Convention. Dateland is a little oasis in the desert in the middle of friggin nowhere but they grow dates! All kinds of dates and you can sample them. Some were large and juicy, some were dry, some were really sweet like honey. I had no idea there was such variety in dates.

    And they sold date products as well. Rawdogue and I tried a date shake and got some nut stuffed dates that were to die for.

    Will you add me? Anybody that makes a meatcake and date rolls is ok by me.


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