Day 55 of 62

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This post is contributed by Shelley.
We left the SK-AB border town of Lloydminster and drove westward. Once in Edmonton, we found the VW dealer, and to my surprise they had actually ordered the stuff I requested and it had arrived in plenty of time. So that was great news, another couple small things on the bus that we can fix now.

We had a couple of hours to see a single sight in Edmonton and so (I’m trying not to be embarassed as I write this) we went to the “West Ed”, yep, the Mall. Possibly the biggest mall in the world, I hear. This one is really a plain old boring mall for most of it, but there are a few surprises. For one thing, the mall contained stores that I haven’t seen in a lot of other malls: fabric store, liquor store, and other places with big signs about ID at the door. Then there are the attractions — the ice skating rink, mini golf, water park, amusement park, a submarine tour of the water next to a restoration of the Santa Maria. It was surreal and interesting, reminded me very much of some of the “casino malls” in Vegas. I wandered through a few arcades but didn’t play anything, already saturated by the blinking lights.

After dinner I went to meet up with another “friend from the internet”, Jennie, and enjoyed a lovely dinner with her household. After too short a time with them, I drove back and crashed at the hotel.

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