Brown bread?

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I’ve now heard a third Canadian waitress offer a choice between “white bread or brown bread”. Is “brown bread” the common Canadian expression for “whole wheat”? Or do they know something I don’t? Maybe it’s just food dye.

5 thoughts on “Brown bread?

  1. elvisneedsboats

    They always ask “white or brown”! It throws me every time, too.

    Last time I was in Vancouver, my friends all laughed at me because my reaction to the question was a confused, “Huh?”

  2. laurex

    Are you in Canada????

    “brown” is the expression I think in restaurants where if you said “spelt” they would say “bless you!”

  3. dolmena

    Have you lost touch with your childhood, hon?

    In the southern USA, I used to hear that usage all the time. Also, I believe James Taylor uses it in one of his songs– here, I’ve looked it up:


    (2nd verse)
    John’s gone found dead he dies high he’s brown bread
    Later said to have drowned in his bed
    After the laughter the wave of the dread
    It hits us like a ton of lead
    It seems “learn not to burn” means to turn on a dime
    And walk on if you’re walking even if it’s an uphill climb
    And try to remember that working’s no crime
    Just don’t let ’em take and waste your time
    That’s why I’m here

  4. Anonymous


    it’s a standard term here in Australia too. It means it’s made from brown flour (ie. not processed into the white stuff). So yeah, probably the same as your “whole wheat”.

    😉 tips


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