And again, two years later

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See also this post from two years ago.

I did an update today; got a full sweep of tests. HIV and visual exam (genital warts and crabs) were all fine. I was examined by a slender little female doc who cheerfully said, “You’re clean as a whistle!” The rest of the test results arrive Thursday, but I have no real reason to sweat it. Mostly I do it because “it’s the right thing to do.” Peace of mind, for me and for my partners.

One real amusing moment came when the doc was reviewing my sexual history. “Hmm, two on-going partners over the past two years? How do you make that work? You must…”, and her voice trailed off. I would love to know how she was gonna finish the sentence! I said something a little embarrassed about, “I’m not sure how it works, but so far it has worked really, really well.” She came back with a ready grin and said, “Well I think it’s just great! Good for you!”

She also asked about a casual partner I had over a year ago. She queried, “Oral-genital sex?” “Umm, neither. I believe the popular euphemism would be “heavy petting.”” Again, she burst out in peals of laughter.

I’m a laugh riot, I tell ya.

If you’re in the Portland area and would like to get tested, I cannot recommend highly enough the Westover Heights Clinic. And if this is being read by the person who referred me to them (he says carefully, without outing anyone), thanks very much! I owe you a glass of wine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And again, two years later

  1. abrichar

    Happy Q-tipping!

    You’re most welcome! They absolutely rock and I recommend them to anyone who wants reliable and trustworthy, competent testing and care.

  2. istar

    I love the Westover! I switched over there this year because they take my new insurance. They were quite cool about replacing my lost IUD on short notice, even though I hadn’t been there before.


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