My Phat Pipe!

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After reading some of the horror stories on the net, I had great trepidation about ordering new FIOS service through Verizon. But, the price/bandwidth ratio were too sweet to ignore, so I took a big breath and placed the order.

Installation happened today. It took a while (three and a half hours), but the installer was a champ. He was happy to install the “outside” box in my attic, rather than hanging it off the outside of the house. The rest of the goodies were installed in my utility room downstairs. Once he had everything hooked up, I rushed to test the speed of the line.

Yeah, bay-bee! It’s early yet, but so far I give the experience two thumbs up.

Oh yeah, and Happy 4/20!

5 thoughts on “My Phat Pipe!

    1. browse Post author

      5GB disk images from a project that I won’t name used to take 6+ hours to download over VPN over DSL. Friday afternoon, I pulled down one of those images in less than an hour. So yeah, it kinda rocks.

      BTW, that user picture of you reeks of a Harry Potter dust jacket. All you need is a forehead scar and a wand. 🙂


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