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I am used to watching new laws be passed that I object to passionately on principle, and that I find to be a pain in the ass personally. So I guess it’s only fair that once in a great while a law will be passed that I find objectionable based on ideology, but that just happens to work in my favor in a very selfish way.

And so, let me confess a very selfish glee about the smoking ban! Woohoo! I’ve been to several bars, clubs and shows lately. Last year, a visit to any of those venues would have left me dripping with the stale, sour reek of cigarette smoke. This year, the worst I’ve encountered is the sad smell of rancid fryer grease that is only noticeable now that it is no longer masked by the cigarette smoke. I hate the law, but I am pleased to be benefiting from it so blatantly.

And on a related note, I asked the bartender at the Goodfoot if he had noticed a drop-off in business since the law passed. He said, “Maybe a little, at the very beginning, but we’ve more than bounced back.” Yay! I’d be sad if the law hurt some of the few bars that I really enjoy.

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