A great day for skiing…

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… the sky was bright blue, there was very little wind, it wasn’t that cold, and there was good powder.
Mount Hood
But a great day for skiing doesn’t necessarily mean we skied well that day. 🙂
It seemed like we had problem after problem that plagued us. First we misread the ski map, and ended up taking the wrong lift up the mountain. So what should have been a very short green run, just to shake off the rust from two years of no skiing, ended up being a very long blue run. For the most part, we handled that reasonably well. Aside from when I ran my knee into a half-buried tree stump. We finally found the right lift and headed up for a longish green run. Except that following the signs for the green run led directly into a field of solid ice. With no traction to turn, none to stop, it took us a really long time to back out of that mess. And then finally the rental ski boots took their toll on the feet of the doctor to be, and so we ended up making a short day of it.

It was still a beautiful day, and I’m glad we went. And maybe this finally pushes me over the edge to trying snow boarding classes over and over until I can do that as well as I ski. If only because boarding boots are so much more comfortable.

5 thoughts on “A great day for skiing…

      1. superflashgo

        I don’t like racing down a snowy hill feeling like my arms and legs are twice as long as they should be. I don’t like downhill or crosscountry skiing. I’ve never tried snowboarding. I seem to recall enjoying sleds as a kid. I think I would like snow shoeing but I’ve never tried it.


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