Day 62 of 62

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When the sun came up we could see the mountains changing color between the trees making for a beautiful wake-up call. (Next camper: clear roof made from high-tech see-out-but-never-see-in material!) We had a big breakfast in the campground and then headed south to see the rest of the park. Even breakfast is worthy of nostalgia when we know that the trip is almost over. And I’m just now getting good at using the new pans, lighting the gas burners without setting my eyebrows on fire, and cleaning everything up with a minimum of running water.

We stopped soon after leaving the campground to watch a bright blue river rushing through a small canyon. Once again the silly nomenclature makes me laugh; this “creek” is flowing much harder than many a river (e.g., the San Lorenzo in Santa Cruz) ever run. Shouldn’t there be a Minister of Naming to sort these things out? The big boulders here made a great obstacle course for the brilliant water.

Rapids on McDonald Creek

We stopped again beside Lake McDonald where the river above lets out and took in a bit more beautiful scenery before trying to make some mileage.

Reflection on Lake McDonald

Towards afternoon, we left Glacier NP and followed Lewis and Clark’s path as far as the Idaho/Washington border to settle in Clarkston for the night. The sloping brown hills remind me of Richland, Washington and the peaceful landscape around the Tri-Cities. Tonight’s dinner was accompanied by the sunset on the Snake River. Tomorrow we’ll follow the southern border of Washington along the cliffs of the Columbia Gorge towards Portland. I love the way the land changes here as the cliffs rise up around the river.

The triplog comes to an end here. Thanks for reading along with us as we travelled around. We’re already looking forward to the next trip. I’ll post something here when the photos are all up online as well.

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