Day 58 of 62

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We had a leisurely morning knowing that we had the luxury of two nights in a row in the same place. We left “Wapiti” (French for “elk”, I believe) and drove a short distance to Maligne Canyon. We hiked along the river for a ways, enjoying collisions between rock and water.

The Maligne River, in Jasper

Dipping in a finger was plenty to verify that this is glacial water. I can’t believe there were actually people kayaking!

An insane kayaker on the Maligne River

We decided to spend the restful part of our day at the hot springs rather than returning to the campground, so we drove back eastward. The Saturday afternoon crowd wasn’t much worse than the Friday afternoon crowd had been, so we enjoyed soaking for a couple of hours. We were just trying to decide whether or not to leave when a tourbus opened its doors and suddenly the place got a lot more crowded. We headed into town and did a bit of window shopping, eventually settling into a bar and relaxing for a while before coming back to the campground.

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