Hidden Treasure

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We started a major renovation of the basement bathroom today… if you can call a complete gutting and redesign as a “renovation”. In the process of demolishing the old bathroom, we found some hidden treasure behind the sheetrock of one of the walls!

Items found inside the wall of the basement bathroom

Let’s review our find!

On the left is a beer can, Hamm’s, with the tell-tale signs that it has been used as a tool for smoking cannabis. Shocking!

On the right is a paperback book titled “Drugged Nurse”, by Howard Sherman, copyright 1968. Allow me to quote from this bit of literature.

“I’d love to hear it from you, baby,” he smiled, sucking on her right nipple.

I will leave it to the reader to figure out how someone simultaneously speaks, smiles, and sucks on a nipple. Obviously Mr Sherman was deprived of the services of a proper editor.

Stranger still, the owner of the purple prose signed his name inside the front cover! Who does that?! Rest assured, I will be googling this fine fellow. Expect a follow-up post if that yields anything interesting.

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