Addams Family Values

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I just found the original 1964 Addams Family television series on Netflix On Demand and started watching a couple of episodes. Two things have jumped out at me:

1) Ye gods, laugh tracks are the absolute worst!

2) Think about this. The Addams Family are presented as being deviant and abnormal in every way, mentally, physically, socially… and yet, one of their defining traits is the absolute love within the family. Gomez and Morticia are deeply in love and even have a considerable physical passion for one another. They both adore their children, love to spend time with them, and consider them to be highly accomplished. And there’s no sign of familial discord with the live-in Uncle Fester and Grandmama. All of this strikes me as being in stark contrast to other sitcom families I can think of. I wonder what that says about the mind-60s, that those traits are associated (intentionally/consciously, or not) as odd-ball and deviant.

I wonder if the original Addams Family comics were inspired by Charles Addams’ experience with a family of Mormons? 🙂

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