Fail, point by point

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Apparently, I’m becoming one of those bicyclists.

Last night I showed up for a little neighborhood ride sponsored by the city of Portland. It was hugely far away from me at 6:00 pm, so I had to throw bikes on the car and zoom across town in rush hour traffic. The ride started with a 15 minute review of bicycle hand signals “Now who can show me the hand signal for a right turn? That’s right, there are two signals you can use!”, the ride was far too slow (an hour and a half to go 7.5 miles?!), and too short (I’m sayin’, seven and a half miles!). I do love me some group rides, but apparently I’ve become enough of a demanding bike snob that I need to start getting more picky about which ones I attend.

Thankfully, there’s some fun biking coming up that will make up for it. Freakbike ride Friday night, Sunday parkways, and some assorted bombing around town in between. Oh yeah, and I did Mt Tabor again a couple of days ago and didn’t feel like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. Improvement, woo!

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