First snow of Winter 2008!

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This came sooner than I would have guessed. I didn’t think we’d see any snow of note until the new year. And the accumulation still hasn’t amounted to much, but it’s blowing sideways so much it seems like a blizzard outside.

In other news, the Honda Element handled the snowy and icy streets with ease. Very sure-footed, not even a hint of a slip or slide. Let’s hear it for all-wheel drive!

3 thoughts on “First snow of Winter 2008!

  1. elvisneedsboats


    We’re getting major wind out of the Gorge, too, even though we’re quite a ways south (and west). The snow isn’t really even accumulating on the east-facing roof on the house across the street. It looks very blustery out there!

    …and yet we’re contemplating walking to the store.


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