Tumalo Falls, Bend OR

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Took a quick trip to bend this weekend, just for a change of scenery. Turned out to be a great idea! Bright blue skies, clear, piercing sunlight, and lovely weather for hiking some of the area buttes.

I visited Tumalo Falls, just outside of Bend. Next time I’ll plan the whole day around that site and do a full day of hiking.

2 thoughts on “Tumalo Falls, Bend OR

  1. prynne

    Oh, that’s absolutely fantastic!

    You have to tell me where that is next time I’m in PDX!

    Do you think it is dog friendly? I generally take my girl with me, unless its unsafe.

    1. browse Post author

      It’s not in PDX at all, but down in Bend, about three hours away. It’s one of my usual getaways from Portland (Bend and the coast).

      Yeah, I think a leashed dog would be fine, and the trails were very well marked and safe.


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