Benefit at Devil’s Point

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I went to a benefit show at Devil’s Point last night. Some random observations:

And wow, were these performers amazing! From start to finish (when I was too tired to go on), every performer was first rate. I mean, wow! Hell of a show.

Which wasn’t true for the one performer I saw before the benefit proper started. Attitude counts for a hell of a lot. All the slick moves and acrobatics in the world won’t cover for a performer who is bored and going through the motions.

This was the first time I’ve ever see someone strip to the theme song for Ghostbusters.

One dancer wore a house coat, curlers and fuzzy slippers, stripping to “Stacy’s Mom (Has Got It Going On)”. Absolutely inspired idea.

There was a fellow at the show dressed in a full unicorn costume. *shakes head* It takes all kinds.

I saw dancers perform to James Brown, Brian Setzer, Iggy Pop and the Dead Kennedys. Not the usual set list. I loved it!

One dancer did a full on belly dancer set. Wow! That shift from anterior pelvic tilt to posterior tilt snapped back and forth, with mechanical precision and amazing speed. Let me say again, wow!

Someone in the crowd was talking to their friend using a Elmo finger puppet. Again, the mind boggles.

If you attempt to extinguish a flaming torch with a damp towel, and the towel has gotten so saturated with fuel that it ignites, maybe you should use a different towel to smother the next torch. You’d think this would be obvious but… not so much.

2 thoughts on “Benefit at Devil’s Point

    1. browse Post author

      Re: Where is Devil Point?

      Portland OR, where all the cool kids are. 🙂
      If you’re ever in the area, drop me a note and I’l give you the grand tour.


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