Scorched Earth Policy

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It was a blazing hot weekend and I am not the best gardener when it comes to keeping the crops watered. I really need to find a solution to my irrigation challenges. But that’s a topic for another post.

Despite the hot weather, some of the plants are surviving, and even thriving. For instance, several weeks ago I planted a honeysuckle and two kinds of clematis (rhymes with “feminist”, I’m lectured told) along a chain-link fence on the side of the back yard. The clematis hasn’t spread particularly fast, but it does seem to be thriving and has put out several gorgeous blooms.

As you might imagine, I wouldn’t be upset to have blooms like this take over the entire fence.

In other news, two years ago I planted a hybrid cherry tree sapling in the back yard. Each branch is a graft of a different variety of cherry. One of the branches died during the first winter, but the others have seemed robust and are nicely leafy. And, best of all, one of the branches has started producing fruit! Only three cherries, but still!

How long will I be able to resist before I pluck a cherry (ahem) and give it a taste?

2 thoughts on “Scorched Earth Policy

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