On being a smartass

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I feel compelled to share this story, even though the people who care already know it.

Melody went to the school track meet to watch The Boy run. She encountered another mom in the stands who said, “Oh, you’re Owen’s mom? I hear we’re practically in-laws!” As Melody tells it, she had to stifle a response of “Oh? Is Owen seeing someone?”

When Melody told me the story, I couldn’t resist suggesting an alternative response. “You shoulda said, “Oh? Well I hear your daughter’s a slut.””

Melody laughed. Because I’m hilarious that way.

I later told the story to mags. Who managed to top me with the greatest of ease. “Melody should have asked her, “Oh, are you Billy’s mom?””

When The Boy was later told these stories, apparently he decided his own parents aren’t so bad after all. 🙂

3 thoughts on “On being a smartass

  1. satyridae

    I did actually say “What? They’re dating? Nobody ever tells me anything! Owen, how long have you been seeing her?”

    Owen did have the grace to apologize publicly, hoping that I would shut up faster that way.

    But yeah, Mags totally wins that one. At a walk. 🙂


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