Pinball Wizard

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A couple of days ago, I played a little pinball at a local bar. One of the games was themed after a recent Batman movie, the one with Heath Ledger as Batman. Yawn. We haven’t had a pinball game that paid tribute to a really subversive movie since… well, since the Tommy homage in the old Pinball Wizard game.

I’ve decided it’s time to fix that. They are tying pinball to the wrong movies. We need the fine folks at Williams or Bally to start looking at some more innovative pinball-cinema tie-ins.

How about an Apocalypse Now pinball game? Advancing through a series of gates pushes you further up river towards Colonel Kurtz.

Or a Reservoir Dogs video game, where a tilt means the police officer’s ear gets sliced off?

Or my personal favorite, a Fear and Loathing pinball game? Multi-ball is accompanied with a voice over “We can’t stop here; this is bat country!”

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