My door, Halloween 2007

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I haven’t carved a pumpkin yet, but the initial door decorations are up!

The carved wooden skull and crossbones come from a shop in SF; I’ve had it for years now and it goes on the front door during October. Of course, it tends to disappear against the cream-colored door, so the door has to be sheeted in black.

The devil head is a bit of vacuum-formed plastic from Archie McPhee in Seattle. However (and it’s not easy to tell from this photo), I added the illuminated eyes!

Although I consider myself a handy guy in many respects, I’m not a big electronics buff. I can run telephone cables or replace a light switch, but that’s about it. I haven’t tried to read a circuit diagram in well over 15 years. But, the devil mask just cried out for glowing eyes! So, I surfed over to Instructables for the directions for making throwies, and that made it look all too easy. So, after my shift tutoring this morning, I ran by Radio Shack and bought the necessary batteries and red LED lights. The sales clerk had already commented curiously about how bright the LEDs were, and when he glanced at my shopping list and saw the heading “Satan Eyes”, he nearly pulled a muscle laughing.

Anyway, the lights worked exactly as they should have, easy as could be. I am happy beyond all reasonable proportion about this. I may be adding glowing red eyes to many more parts of the house, now that I know how easy it is. 🙂

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