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I saw They Might be Giants at the Roseland Theater last night.

The Roseland was a new theater to me; my Portland musical education continues! I mostly dug it; there was a large open floor for people who wanted to dance and crowd close to the stage, and then a wrap-around balcony with seats for the more restrained attendees. I opted for the balcony, and got a great spot on the far right side, front row. There were a couple of times when I wished I was in the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd below, pogoing along with the hip young kids, but mostly I was happy to have a seat and to not be immediately in front of one of the massive speakers.

TMBG was one of the more rockin’ shows I’ve been too lately (which probably says far too much about me), with plenty of subsonics warbling my yarbles. John and John were in fine form; JL looked like Schroeder, behind the keyboards in his striped tee. I liked the show well enough, but I realized that most of their music that I know comes from 15-year-old albums and I’m massively out of touch with their newer music. When I first started at Apple (many, many moons ago), my cube mate and I listened to Flood about once a day. This was back in the era of CDs, when no one expected to have 9201 tracks containing 525.5 days of music in their pockets.

Anyway, good show, good band! Tonight is Jamie Stillway, and Saturday is Strip-o-rama! Keep reading along as I valiantly try to ignore that school starts next week.

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