Idaho camping, day 2

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And we awoke about the same time the sun did. We took our time breaking camp, but still got on the road before 9:00 am. Except that we immediately crossed into Mountain time and it was 10:00. We also left I-84 very early in the morning and started making our way forward on US rural routes, taking every opportunity to leave the path to explore the Main Street of some tiny no-stop-light town. Everett, Fruitvale, I forget the name of them all. As we went farther east, a haze built in the sky. We passed a couple of bus loads of fire fighting crews, working some fire in the Payette River Valley. The warm breeze carried a sharp smell of a camp fire.

We made our way to the Deadwood campground, a US Forest Service campground we visited during the big 2004 roadtrip. As before, there were a few visitors to the campground during the day, stopping to use the bathrooms or to eat a brief lunch, but otherwise we had the campground to ourselves. As soon as things settled, I carried a big hat, camp chair and book to the stream that runs alongside the camp. I set the chair in the stream in about 10 inches of water, back turned towards the sun. I settled in with my book and let my feet gradually acclimate to the cold stream. I had a couple of good naps in between chapters of my book. Delightful, though the tops of my thighs were disturbingly pink when I emerged from the water at dusk.

Because of the extreme fire hazard, again there was no campfire. Sigh.

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