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I recently bought a new pair of cheap headphones to use at the gym. I didn’t need anything fancy; my only criteria was that they had to fit my massive melon, and I really wanted a volume control on the cord. I just find reaching for a volume control on the cable easier than reaching for the scroll wheel on my iPod, especially when I’m on the elliptical machine at the gym.

So I found a cheapie pair of JVC headphones at Amazon. They have a volume control and they fit, so all is good, right? Well, mostly. Here’s a photo of the headphones.

I know the picture is small, but there’s a little thumb wheel on that black box on the cable. Here’s a quick intelligence test. Given the orientation of the cable dangling down your chest when the ‘phones are on your head, which direction would you turn the thumb wheel to increase the volume, and which way would you turn it to decrease the volume?

If you said turn the wheel up to turn the music up and turn the wheel down to turn the music down, then I’m sorry, you’re too intelligent to work at JVC.

Sheesh! Who was responsible for this product? I mean, did anyone with a triple digit IQ even try the damn things before they shipped?

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    1. browse Post author

      Oh yeah, I’m a major fan. I was listening to the “Songs in the Key of X” album, which happened to feature a band I had never heard of called Soul Coughing. I devoured their entire catalog in a rush, just as the band was giving it up. And then not long after, I heard about Doughty touring solo, doing the “Small Rock” thing. I didn’t think I would like it, since I was really digging SC’s fairly rich and layered gregorian chant kind of sound. But I gave it a try and found that I enjoyed the songs just as much, maybe ever more when they are stripped down, bare and simple, the way Doughty plays them solo. Now I’ve come around where I like his solo work much more than I do the Soul Coughing songs. He’s great to see live too; I’ve seen him twice now, and would be eager to see him again.

      1. thatsassylassie

        I’ve seen him a few times also. I really like his solo stuff but I also really, really love the old SC stuff. I think he is bitter about a lot of it because of their artistic differences and he associates that era in his life with his heroin use, etc. But I think a lot of that stuff was edgier than his own work, and I miss that a little. If you’ve never read his blog, its often pretty entertaining: (like I said he’s my favorite so I know a fair amount about him.) Not in a stalker-ish way though! 🙂


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