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I saw the Suicide Girls burlesque show at the Aladdin last night. The opening acts were more fun than I expected. There was a five-girl punk band from LA whose name I didn’t catch (“RockIt”?) primarily notable for high energy and even higher hemlines. The second group was a duo called “The Punk Group” who did a Devo-inspired set of songs of such memorable lines as “MySpace is good for getting laid!” Very affected, carefully posed, but a lot of fun.

But really, it’s hard to succeed as an opening act for a crowd that’s there to see stripers. The crowd enthusiasm swelled dramatically when the main show started, and it only climbed through the night. Clad in colorful costumes and carefully-placed electrical tape, the cast of eight girls did their carefully coreographed stripper routines. Some were recognizable vignettes, such as the homage to the interrogation scene in Reservoir Dogs, while others were “just” dance, including the piece featuring four girls writhing across ladders in a way that would make Bob Fosse excited.

It was a good show, and I’m only sad I don’t have any pictures to share. I was disappointed but not surprised that cameras were forbidden in the theater. It was just as well, considering the amount of groping that was going on in the pit.

5 thoughts on “Suicide Girls!

        1. browse Post author

          Oh, perhaps I gave the wrong impression!
          I’m unaware of any unsolicited or unwelcome groping. Everything I saw seemed to be between people who were there together, as a couple or as a group.

  1. nosty

    I’ve seen the show twice here in Tucson. I enjoyed both times. At one show chocolate syrup was sprayed into the audience and since I was near the front… well I ended up driving home shirtless as I didn’t want my car interior to get stained.


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