The Inflatability of the Pope!

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I was talking to one of the girls and she shared with me a joke one of her friends made, about how the Catholic church might deflect some of the current criticism if they would only reframe their stance on a significant issue; instead of focusing on the infallibility of the pope, they should focus on the infelatability of the pope.

Of course, I completely misunderstood her and thought she said “the inflatability of the pope”. And frankly, I think that’s a far better idea!

Think about it; wouldn’t you be charmed by any church that had a giant inflatable cartoon pope set up in the yard? On maybe an inflatable Jesus? Or how about a pope made of thin ripstop mounted on a fan, making a dancing pope that waves his arms ecstatically?

I think I’m onto something here!

Or maybe I’m just on something.

3 thoughts on “The Inflatability of the Pope!

  1. bledsoe

    My 9yo loves the ripstop people on the fans. They just look so happy! I think a ripstop pope would be awesome. It would say, “Look how much fun we’re having in here! You should come check it out!”


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