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A friend and I were walking through a downtown area when the topic of panhandling came up. We had been hit up for sidewalk tolls several times, as seems to… Read more »

Too much information

browse probability that browse has masturbated today: 82% browse‘s lucky number is: 40 browse is most like the color #ad1d2f: username: by James

Tying a bowline

I was sailing on the Monterey Bay this afternoon. The first half hour out on the water, the wind was just dead. We were tossed about by the waves, pulled… Read more »


I found out last night that my uncle is in the hospital awaiting a biopsy for a “mass on his pancreas”. Officially, we’re not supposed to worry until we have… Read more »


After careful thought, I’ve decided my favorite scientist is Archimedes. He did his best thinking in the bathtub, and when he finally solved his problem, he went running down the… Read more »

Design Exhibit

The Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam recently had an exhibition on the American Streamline design movement of the 1930s. The exhibit drew a connection between improvements in production technologies… Read more »

Easy Reader

I was out with the kids tonight. Not only did they not know Morgan Freeman was Easy Reader, they had never even heard of Electric Company. Dang, I’m old.


No, the title isn’t a typo. Saturday night I managed to get into a SEEMEN art show in San Francisco. I got there early and was able to take a… Read more »