Iced Cabbage

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I started to write this as a response to a response to a post, but decided to make it a post of its own instead.

Long before I eventually moved to Portland, I visited frequently to see friends and my girlfriend’s family. I was in town in February of 1997 when a really big ice storm. We were staying with my girlfriend’s dad and step-mother when we lost power and were iced in for three days. We huddled next to the fireplace and listened to the quiet stillness punctuated occasionally by the rifle-shot crack of limbs snapping off trees from all the excess ice weight.

Somewhere during that storm I took a picture of an ornamental cabbage MJ had that was coated in a perfect layer of ice.

MJ is long departed, dead from cancer just over two years now. Which still seems impossible, somehow.

When I saw ornamental cabbages for sale at a local market this fall, I instantly thought of MJ and bought several. And this morning, I snapped the modern, much-less-dramatic version of that original photo, of my own purple cabbage dusted with snow.

I love you, MJ, and miss you bunches.

4 thoughts on “Iced Cabbage

  1. istar

    *raises a glass to MJ* I am sure that out there somewhere, she’s chuckling at your remembrance of her in ice-and-snow-covered cabbage. 🙂

    By the way, thank you so much for spending time with me last spring and summer. *hugs*


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